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EM Ceramic Necklace 'Beige'

EM Ceramic Necklace 'Beige'

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Our Axel & Co. EM Necklaces are pretty accessories for your dog!

They can be worn combined together with our other products (Collars, Harnesses) as they were designed to fit together.

The Necklaces consist of a combination of EM beads which can improve your dog’s natural immunity and natural stone beads.

You can customize the Necklace with small tassels and / or with a pearl pendant with the initials of your furry friend.



Each collar is individually tailored to the size of your furry friend, so please indicate the correct size of the neck and the initials in the personalization field

Each collar contains 4-8 ceramic beads depending on the size of your dog

Size of the natural stone beads are 10mm and size of the EM ceramic beads are 10mm


EM ceramic contains microorganisms that help against flea and tick infestation. 

Designed to be worn loosely around your dog’s neck, the Necklaces feature EM beads whose embedded ‘good’ micro-organisms improve your dog’s coat, skin microbiome and their natural immunity, which in turn repel ticks.


Our Necklaces are an accessory only and should not be used as a collar!

Please use your own judgement when it comes to tick precention. The Necklaces do NOT in any way substitute regular tick prevention methods.

The band is very elastic, but the chain should be removed when playing and romping to prevent potential choking.

Since the materials used are natural, we assume no liability for their effectiveness. In addition, there may be slight color deviations of the pearls and the pendant.

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