Our Story

As a female entrepreneur, I started Axel & Co. in 2022. I have always loved animals since I was a little kid and I have dreamt of having a french bulldog. Finally, in 2018, my dream came true and I became a first time dog mom with a frenchie puppy, named Axel.

I knew immediately that I will spoil him with the best products available on the market. I researched and tested a lot of products from multiple brands but I never really found what I was looking for, which was safe and comfortable for the dog but at the same time modern and stylish looking made from premium material.
I truly believed that I can create a brand that could offer premium quality dog accessories that are modern, sustainable and nevertheless long-lasting products for your fluffy companions.

 Our Axel & Co. products that are designed to complement the modern lifestyle of pet owners around the world with functional and stylish products. Our goal is to offer dog owners not only stylish but comfortable and functional products that last a long time.

We pride ourselves on offering good quality products, taking time to select trustworthy vendors and offering luxury products that are not only stylish and cute but also comfortable for your pets.

Axel & Co.