Size Guide

Harness Measurement

Please use a measuring tape for this! If you do not have one, you could also use a leash and a pencil to mark the length on the leash.

1. Place your dog in a standing position (IMPORTANT!)

2. Loop the tape around your dog's chest (right behind front legs) and lower neck like a figure eight (or infinity figure), it should sit just like the harness with the tape creating a cross between the shoulders.

3. Make sure to pull the tape as snug as you’d like the harness to fit in real life and if you plan on wearing it over clothing take that measurement as well. The harness is adjustable so don't worry too much!

4. The correct measurement is where the start of the tape and meet the long end of the tape. For example, our model in the photos measures 83cm when tape is pulled snug. This will be your overall size!

5. As a last step, for the perfect fit, please measure the distance between the tape around the next and the widest part of the chest. This will be your bottom strap (vertical part). 


Take the measurements and write it on the order page in the boxes that are related to sizing (overall size and bottom strap size).

Take the measurement twice to avoid ordering the wrong size. The harnesses are adjustable so don't worry, it does not have to be perfect!


Classic Collars

Please measure your dog in standing or sitting position and at the where you would like the collar to fit!
Please provide a measurement using a measuring tape on your pup in standing or sitting position. Then tape should be tight but you can still fit two fingers in the collar when worn. The measurement should not be larger than the head measurement to avoid the collar from slipping out.
* Please do not use the exact neck size measurement, it'll be too tight! Add room as you find suitable.

The sizes listed on our product pages are the exact interior room of the collar when buckled and not the entire length of the product!