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CHEWDEN Grip (by Lunoji)

CHEWDEN Grip (by Lunoji)

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Introducing CHEWDEN Grip by Lunoji. Chewing should be fun and fuss-free - for both dogs and owners. Finally, there's a dog chew holder that works with a wide variety of chews. 

CHEWDEN Grip was developed by Adrian at Lunoji together with his Greyhoubd, Oji with the aim to help raise awareness of choking. 

A chew holder that fits a wide variety of dog chews, CHEWDEN Grip secures the ends of chews. This helps to prevent dogs from swallowing them out of excitement - a common occurrence - which often causes airway and intestinal obstruction.

PROTECTS Against Choking

Chews bring many benefits for our dogs, but they pose a risk of choking and obstruction. CHEWDEN Grip secures (up to 13 kg of force) the end of dog chews to stop your dog from swallowing them whole. Relax and simply enjoy the oh-so therapeutic sound of chewing while your dog gnaws away towards better wellbeing.

ELEVATE You chew session

Slimy paws, and stained carpets can be frustrating to deal with. CHEWDEN Grip keeps dog chews off the ground and away from your dog's paws. It also provides for a grippier hold for those that need a little more encouragement. A quick rinse is all it takes to clean up after.

  • Perfect on-the-go to feed our hydrate your dog
  • Safe food-grade silicone material

ENGAGE more, for longer

Pricey dog chews can and should work harder for you. Get extra minutes, and sometimes hours out of each chew. Your dog will be encouraged to spend extra time to get to the last part of each chew, working their full set of teeth in the meantime.

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