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Axel & Co.

Onyx Harness

Onyx Harness

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Our Axel & Co. Harness is an infinity (or figure 8) harness designed for comfort, security and freedom. The figure 8 makes it easy to adjust for a good fit both around the neck and the girth right behind the front legs. It wraps securely around the chest with a cross and pulls the shoulders back when needed. 

The smaller loop of the 8 wraps around the bottom of the neck while the larger loop wraps around the chest right after the armpits.

The major difference of our Infinity Harness when compared to regular shaped (H or Y) harness is that it does not have a vertical part in front of the chest that can bunch up when your pet runs or plays. The minimal straps and parts make it extremely comfortable and do not obstruct the most vigorous movement.

How to measure

Please use a measuring tape for this! If you do not have one, you could also use a leash and a pencil to mark the length on the leash.

1. Place your dog in a standing position (IMPORTANT!)

2. Loop the tape around your dog's chest (right behind front legs) and lower neck like a figure eight (or infinity figure), it should sit just like the harness with the tape creating a cross between the shoulders.

3. Make sure to pull the tape as snug as you’d like the harness to fit in real life and if you plan on wearing it over clothing take that measurement as well. The harness is adjustable so don't worry too much!

4. The correct measurement is where the start of the tape and meet the long end of the tape. For example, our model in the photos measures 83cm when tape is pulled snug. This will be your overall size!

Link to Sizing Instructions


Made of BioThane. It is durable, waterproof, hypoallergenic, easy to clean and does not absorb odor.

The color does not fade, Biothane cannot expand and still becomes softer with use.

Care Instructions

Simply wipe it down with a damp towel, a baby wipe, or a sanitizing wipe. This will work great for everyday surface dust and dirt. To do a more thorough clean, fill a bowl with mild soapy water and soak it for a few minutes.

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