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Axel & Co.

EM Ceramic Necklace ‘Mauve’

EM Ceramic Necklace ‘Mauve’

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Our Axel & Co. EM Necklaces are pretty accessories for your dog!

Jewellery made specifically for your furry ones! Because not only humans deserve some new jewellery every now and then.

Our handmade Axel & Co. Ceramic Necklaces are the perfect accessories for every occasion. Either in combination with a collar or harness or just simply the Necklace itself.

Please be aware the colors may vary due to the environmentally friendly dye as well as the size.

You can customize the Necklace with small tassels and / or with a pearl pendant with the initials of your furry friend.


Environmentally friendly dyed wooden beads, biodegradable, natural rubber elastic cord and EM ceramic beads.


Please clean the Ceramic Necklaces with a slightly moist towel.

Water & sunlight may influence the beads colors over time.


Handcrafted in Austria.

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