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FORAGER Dog Walking Bag (Lambwolf)

FORAGER Dog Walking Bag (Lambwolf)

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FORAGER Everyday Dog Walking Bag by Lambwolf Collective is made from lightweight and breathable nylon and mesh fabric, is designed with two main storage compartments for you to separate your pup's and your own essentials.

Featuring a quick access drop-and-go mesh compartment in the front for either treats or walking hear, the sling can also be converted into a fanny pack!

The exterior mesh quick-access pouch in the front let you quickly drop or grab gear or treats from inside the sling. The mesh makes it breathable and avoid odor.

The sling features one large compartment (with interior organizers) for human essentials behind the quick-access mesh compartment that stores treats or gear for the pups. This keep your items clean and fresh (plus safe)!

We added a poop bag dispenser on the back of the sling to make it extra handy!

Size & Material:

• approx. 12cm Width x 24cm Length x 26 cm Height 
• Shoulder strap is 3.8cm in width
• Heavy duty nylon strap
• Nylon exterior

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